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Boutique Night – Thursday December 8th

Please join our school council at the 3rd Annual CMPS Boutique Night.

Thursday December 8th  from 6pm until 9pm at Stephen Lewis S.S.

Bring your friends and family. Open the link below to find out more!


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Morning Drop-off Reminders

With winter here, the kiss and ride is becoming increasingly busy.   In order to make the drop off more efficient and safe, please review the following:

  1. Arrive just after 8:40 am, as there is minimal traffic at this time.   To date, a significant number of parents have been dropping off between 8:50 and 8:55 am, which has led to congestion, frustration and many students arriving late.  Please note, arriving after 8:55 am is resulting in your child being late.  Over the last few school days, an increased number of students have been arriving after 9:00 am.
  2. Carpooling and walking to school.
  3. If driving, consider an alternate drop off location, such as on the north side of Apple Blossom in front of the school, or closer to our community park, or any of the adjacent side streets.  Then, students can safety walk onto our school grounds using the sidewalk.
  4. Tips for using the Kiss and Ride:
    1. Have your child ready with backpack beside them or on their lap.
    2. If your child is in a booster and/or requires support, please use the back-passenger side as their seat to exit the vehicle.  This is cub-side and hence much safer for your child to leave the vehicle.
    3. Avoid getting out of your vehicle.
    4. Move up as far along the cub-side as possible, before stopping to drop off.  Stopping with car-length space in front of you slows down the process.
    5. Avoid entering the drop off area, ‘two-vehicles wide’.  The drop off is meant for single lane traffic at the entry.
    6.  Model patience and avoid honking unnecessarily to move cars forward.
    7. Continue to follow staff directions to move forward.

Thank you for reviewing the following items.  Your continued cooperation and patience is really appreciated.

“Keep calm and Drive on!”

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GROW World is coming to CMPS!

November 22-24 students and teachers from Kindergarten to Grade  8 will experience this interactive in-school bullying prevention program. Please see attached for more information about the program.   grow-world

Grow World was a huge success! Students collaborated respectfully to achieve a common goal. This was a great experience for students and teachers.



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Winter Weather is Here

Please make sure that students are coming to school with the appropriate clothing for cold weather.


*hats, gloves, scarf

*snow pants

*indoor shoes

Younger students should also have an extra pair of socks and pants to keep in their backpacks in the event they get a little damp playing outdoors. Please label all items so that students can keep track of their belongings.

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Progress Reports and Interviews

As a reminder, Progress Report Cards will be distributed on Wednesday, November 23rd. Interviews to discuss your child’s progress and areas of continued growth are taking place on Thursday, November 24th and Friday, November 25th.  Thank you to all of the families that booked their interviews online.  If you have not booked a time and require assistance, please call the school office prior to Wednesday.

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Remembrance Day Assembly

Thank you to all the parents that attended our assemblies this morning. It was wonderful to have you join us. Thank you to all the staff and students who spent hours preparing for this assembly. The performances shared your talents as well as, a strong message for peace and respect to Canada’s Veterans.


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