Tuesday, February 27, 2019

* get them signed please*
7A & 7B – slides have been posted on Google Classroom.
Quiz will be on Friday (7A and 7B) and Monday (7C) on vocabulary and several concepts from this slideshow:
– languages, weather, cities, parade, float, feather, costume, mask, food, where Mardi Gras originated from
– no grammar will be on the quiz, only reading comprehension and vocabulary

Media projects due end of Thursday’s class
Friday: presentations
Handouts from this afternoon’s class have been posted.
Answer the Reflection questions.

French Test Study Guide (all grade 7 classes): tomorrow

Test study guide:
– Food: translating a menu and matching, describing a picture of food in detail
– listening activity (descriptions of foods and matching)
– flavours/ toppings vocab sheet
– verbs (know definitions): manger, commander, demander, preparer, cuire, boire, as well as the verbs on the sheet with the four boxes (ajouter, melanger, etc.)
– Imperative (tu, nous, vous) be able to complete sentences given regular (-er, -ir, -re verb), be able to change into the negative
– review the oral exam questions (how to answer them in written form)

February 14 2019

Report Cards went home today!

Bring in a printed picture from a magazine, a newspaper or an online ad depicting a stereotype. (e.g. a man with a bear next to a pick-up truck or a girl with perfect hair in a shampoo commercial).

Study for spelling test tomorrow.

Wednesday February 13 2019

French test: Tuesday Feb 19  (all grade 7 classes)
–  food items and how to order  (including food modification: sans, avec, aigre, epice, etc)
– know the definition of the verbs from the sheet with four boxes on it ‘les phrases utiles’
– imperative (be able to complete sentences with the verb in brackets – tu, nous, vous)
– review from the quiz we had a few weeks ago
– listening component

French: worksheet due tomorrow

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Cultural Identity Worksheet

Watch movie trailers to determine which movie to watch on Friday:
***** Unfortunately Fast and the Furious has too much violence 🙁
1. Grown Ups 1
2. 50 First Dates
3. Hunger Games
4. Maze Runner

Monday, Feb 4 2019

French menu due tomorrow at the end of class. Have it ready to be looked at.

Corrections to Remember the Titans assignment due tomorrow. Parents must have signed the marked copy.
Parents, please follow up with your children.
Those students who have not submitted assignments last week but submit it tomorrow will be receiving an average of their mark and the zero.