Work for Sept. 3

By tomorrow morning, please

  • Complete the
    • Personal Information Form
    • I’m Unique Because form
    • Textbook Loan Agreement
  • Add a shortcut to or bookmark this website
  • Copy or print out the first grammar lesson (posted) and the first math lesson (to be posted by Wednesday morning)
  • Bring something non-electronic to read (e.g., a novel) for silent reading tomorrow
  • Review the vocabulary exercise guide
  • Read the article provided in class (B.C. won’t follow Ontario in banning cellphones in class) and
    • Highlight 3 words you aren’t confident of the meanings of
    • List reasons from the article in favour of a ban, for both Ontario and British Columbia
    • List reasons from the article against a ban, for both Ontario and British Columbia
    • Explain our classroom’s cell phone and technology policy in your own words

By the end of the week, please 

  • Complete the Book of Forms
  • Review each of the four course outlines
  • Obtain as many items as possible in the ‘Useful Materials to Have’ list
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