Work for Oct. 10-11


  • pp55-56 1-10


  • p232 1-6
  • p234 8


Using today’s lesson and G40-41, answer the following questions

  1. Create a population pyramid for Canada, 1991
  2. Create a population pyramid for Canada, 2006
  3. What difference do you notice between Canada’s population above and below the age of 40 in the 2 graphs? Justify your response.
  4. Use the graphs to decide how Canada’s population might look in 2025. How might this affect the plans of someone your age to be a kindergarten teacher, a doctor, and a business person? Explain
  5. Make a list of 4 questions you could ask to investigate why Canada’s population characteristics changed between 1991 and 2006.
  6. Identify 3 jobs you are curious about. Explain how the information from your 2006 population pyramid can help you to decide which one of the 3 jobs would be in the highest demand by the time you start working. 
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