Work for Feb. 5


  • Using only a compass and a ruler, separately construct, indicate, and show work for (if necessary) each of the following angles
    1. 450
    2. 600
    3. 1050
    4. 1350
    5. 1200
    6. A different angle of your choice, using the addition of angles (e.g., 450 + 600)
    7. A different angle of your choice, using the subtraction of angles (e.g., 600 – 450)


  • Use the information from pp18-19 to complete the table from today’s lesson
    • Focus on textbook information only
    • Use an overall organizing idea!


  • Read H19, H21, and H18 + H48
  • Identify information that, in your opinion, made Confederation (i) more logical and (ii) less logical
  • For each piece of information you identify, use 1-2 sentences to explain why you think it made Confederation more or less logical
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